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Be at your most confident at anytime of the month without a worry!

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Main components of Just for you

  • Anion
  • FAR-IR
  • Magnetic
  • Nano Silver
  • Chithin

About Us

We work with passion

Our History

We traveled to several countries in search of “Superior Quality Products” in the era of Personal Care, Beauty Care and Home Care Segment and our main focus were into “Sanitary Napkins” in 2010. As we are aware that there was very Low Penetration (Less than 20%) in India at that time about the usage of Menstrual Hygienic Products and even now it continues. We brought few and tested with our family members and got impressed with the feedback from them saying – “It was the best product they had never used”

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Choose Natural Choose Safe

Our legacy makes it evident that we respect the creation of new societal values and maintain a spirit that always seeks out innovation. Let’s take you through our journey!

Just for you Antibacteria

Prevents leakage with no worry about smell


Dioxin free


Soft, Thin and Comforting


Highest rate of liquid absorption

Raw Material

100% safe and hygiene

This napkin keeps you completely safe from leakage & smell on your heavy days.

New Just for you AntiBacteria with DEEP ABSORBENT SHEET that prevents leakage and gives you 99.9% protection from bacteria that causes smell.

Women need extra protection at night so that they can sleep peacefully and when they wake up there is no stain on their clothes and bed sheet. So they can have a clean, confident and fresh start to their day.

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Specific Features

In these days, there are so many anion napkins in the market. Anion napkins are not only meant by the Anion chip in the napkins. It should meet the complete effects of the anion.

The Anion is usually available in Hill stations. Its medical is limitless. It has a high healing power. The Anion is used to prevent the tiredness and pain during menses. Just for you Anion sanitary napkins had passed so many labs tests and its anion chip is certified as Original with anion properties.

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